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At Cove Bikes, we design and build some of the toughest frames in the industry. Each of our models is purpose-built and tested to perform at the highest level in its respective category.

Our warranty policy outlines the specifics of each model and serves as a reference to ensure accuracy and fairness in all warranty and non-warranty situations.

Cove frames are covered by a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects from the date of purchase to the original owner with the exception of the Hummer which carries a 3 year warranty. We require an original purchase receipt from an authorized Cove dealer.  Cove Bikes will inspect all warranty claims and has the right to grant or refuse warranty at its own discretion. 

When the warranty claim does not fall within the full replacement parameters, our frames carry a lifetime crash replacement policy.  Cove Bikes will make available replacement frames and frame parts at a sympathy pricing level. This also applies only to the original owner providing the appropriate documentation is present. 

Customers feeling that they have a valid warranty claim should contact their local Cove Authorized Dealer or Distributor in their respective country.  A dealer will contact Cove Bikes to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#). It should be noted that the customer is responsible for any shipping or labour costs that may occur during the processing and fulfillment of the warranty claim.

Warranty Specifics

All parts supplied with Cove Build Kits are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranties.
Fork travel guidelines and specific component requirements must be strictly adhered to. These can be found on the Cove Bikes Geometry and Spec Sheet.

Minimum seat post insertion must be at least 5 inches into the seat tube. Additionally the seat post must completely fill the seat tube in the Shocker, Playmate and Peeler frames.

STDs built up using head tube reducer cups or dual crown forks forfeit their warranty.  Shockers must not be built up with single crown forks.    Should we not be able to see the complete bike in person a full picture of the bike as well as the affected area are required. We will also require the affected product to be returned to us.   Any specific questions in regards to warranty or the appropriate use or proper build of a Cove Bike should be directed to

1395 Main Street North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C4 Canada +1 604-929-2222